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ClearCut was founded by a team of professionals who understand the importance of paying attention to small details, while keeping an eye on the big picture. We are dedicated to giving every client the same high-quality service. We’ve made the effort to choose specialists with years of experience to make sure that all your needs are taken care of the right way, every time.

Web Platforms

Premium design services, data visualization tools & tips, collaboration platforms.

Phone Systems

New dimensions of mobility, maximum freedom of movement, easy to integrate, effective & precise

Social Media Campaigns

Instant worldwide connectivity, real-time information sharing, targeted advertising, etc.


Elevate your business with advanced planning & insightful marketing strategies

Whether your purpose is to boost your firm’s online presence, or gain acceptance within your industry, Clearcut’s embedded marketing strategy has the ability to push your business to new heights by making your brand acknowledged, recognized and valued. Contact us and lets start gathering all the necessary data to create your optimal business plan. Achieve your goals, and work with us to develop a relevant marketing strategy for both today and tomorrow.

HR Services
ClearCut can help manage your company's HR responsibilities. Our benefits management division provides a variety of HR services. It has the tools and features to help you manage your employees effectively, and the staff has the knowledge to answer any of your questions.
Legal consultant
Consulting and professional support in all areas of market risk management, credit and concentration, and liquidity. We will take care of your risk management policies, development of work procedures and adjustment of business processes. We can also perform financial risk surveys and regulatory gap analysis surveys
Outsourcing your processing and payment activities to a reliable company such as ClearCut is a cost-effective solution to handling payment issues. We have the requisite expertise and resources to handle data and transaction processing activities in a time-sensitive, structured and cost-effective manner.
When our clients want to improve productivity while stripping away red tape, ClearCut is there to assist you. We will recommend the correct outsource retainer service and project management system to best manage a large workload across multiple disciplines. We are prepared to take over various aspects of running your projects: including management, organizational consulting, and input from top of the line law consultants who will assist you with all of the related needs.

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